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Here are just a few examples of artwork
created by our talented fabricators

Dragon Sculpture

Photos: Patrick McCue                               Designers/Fabricators: Terry McCue, Jim Ellis

This twenty-foot long sculpture was commissioned by a husband for his wife, and is displayed at their family home. The head and claws were shaped manually using a ball-peen hammer and various surfaces. The scales were cut in individual strips, and attached to a metal framework.


Industrial Salvage as Art

Photo: PR Photography

Our salvaged materials expert, Patrick McCue, procured and restored old DC-3 style aircraft propellers to create this piece of art, now on display as a focal point at The Garage restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.


Ancient Elements Sculptures

Photo: Terry McCue                                                         Outdoor Sculptures: T. McCue, W. Walp

Each of these tall metal sculptures has a different ancient symbol representing the earth, the elements, and planets.

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