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Patrick McCue, the owner of Rocket FAB, 

is the organizer of the popular

Microdwelling Builders' Showcase Events

Phoenix, AZ

Microdwelling 2012, 2014, 2015

Microdwelling 2014


The exhibits feature experimental to finished portable, modular structures of 600 square feet or less of each builder's individual design. Participants include architects, professional contractors, students, and first-time builders.


Activities include:

Showcase of the dwellings
Meet the builders

Workshops on related topics such as living off the grid, cooking, solar ovens, sustainable energy displays

Hands-on experience building a dwelling

Lectures by industry experts

Historic microdwellings on display

Guest appearance of small, vintage travel-trailers

Art in the garden

Tastings of local beer, wine and mead

Food trucks

Entertainment Live music and outdoor movie nights

The next Microdwelling exhibit is being planned.

All are welcome to particpate.

Details will be posted as available.

Microdwelling 2014 Cinder Box   Hunter Floyd, Damon Wake

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