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Patrick McCue

Owner and Metal Fabricator

Salvage Materials Builder

Firefighter I and II Training Instructor, Paradise Valley Community College

Organizer of Microdwelling Builders' Showcase Events in Phoenix, Arizona

Patrick McCue has been a metal fabricator for more than thirty years. His innovative thinking, creative ideas and skill as a craftsman are put to good use as he meets the needs of his clients.


Patrick retired from his position as Captain with the Phoenix Fire Department, and he continues to serve his community as a Fire I and II Instructor; and as the fabricator of quality and innovative Firefighting Training Apparatus.

One of his many areas of expertise is his ability to locate, obtain and salvage practical and unusual materials.


He is the organizer of, and a participating builder-exhibitor in, the Microdwelling Builders' Showcase Events in Phoenix, Arizona.

He is one of the original owners and builders of the acclaimed House of Earth and Light in Phoenix, Arizona.

Above all else, Patrick brings to each job his high standards of ethics and integrity, his sense of humor, and his determination to see a job well done.

Terry McCue
Artisan and Metal Fabricator

Terry McCue has been a metal fabricator for more than thirty years. He retired from his position as Captain Firefighter for the City of Phoenix.

Terry's skills as an artist and craftsman are exquisite.  His creative ideas are top-notch, and his execution and attention to detail are absolute perfection.

Whether you are seeking a piece of art, or a functional piece of hardware, Terry is your go-to guy to get the job done.  

He contributed extensively to the success of the Microdwelling Builders' Showcase events and to the building of the House of Earth and Light in Phoenix, Arizona.

Terry's outgoing personality and natural abilities draw others to him, and his generous and welcoming spirit are what you will encounter as you work with him.

Marco Albo

Marco Albo personifies good leadership through humility and a soft-spoken manner.  He  is an invaluable asset to any project at Rocket FAB.

Chris Flynn



Chris Flynn is a skilled craftsman whose work demonstrates precision and showcases his ability to provide a product with a high degree of finish detail.
Some of the strengths he brings to his work at Rocket FAB include his expertise in mathematical calculations and his great attention to detail. In addition, he brings to the job the insights gained from his ongoing work-experience as a City of Phoenix firefighter. 

Chris has a humble and quiet personality, and is a great asset to our staff.

Dennis Bartolomeo


Dennis Bartolomeo met Rocket FAB owner, Patrick McCue, while he was completing his course of study as an architecture student, During that time period, he contributed to the building of the House of Earth and Light in Phoenix, Arizona.


Mr. Bartolomeo and Mr. McCue continue to collaborate on various projects.

Paula Ellis

Technical Publications Department


Paula is an administrative assistant and copywriter in our Technical Publications Department.

She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University, and  freelances as an artist, craftsman, and as a personal assistant for several clients.

You can see her contributions to the appearance of this website throughout these pages.

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