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Buildings: Workshop Studio of The House of Earth & Light

Workshop Studio


The House of Earth and Light

Photo: Gerry McCue                Corner panels of the studio during construction

The workshop studio of the House of Earth and Light was used as an onsite lab and living space during the construction of the main home.  It was used to house tools, jigs, and equipment. Upon completion of both structures, it became a functioning, air-conditioned workshop for the main home, and its amenities include a complete bathroom.

The massive structure is made completely of salvaged steel. Its skeletal framework was erected at a cost of just under $1400. It is clad with $2,500 worth of 14-gauge cold-rolled steel that was riveted in place, leaving  a 3/4" reveal between its panels of clean, massaged steel. It features two enormous garage doors on the south face, as well as entry doors on the east and west sides of the building. All of the doors were designed to remain hidden. Hinges and hardware were detailed to blend in perfectly within the 3/4" reveals. When all doorways are closed the studio has the appearance of an impenetrable rectangle without any visible means of entry.

After the structure was erected it was scrubbed with steel wool and T.S.P., leaving it cleaned and prepped for a clear coat of automotive sealant to achieve its blackened steel appearance. Since completion, the current owners have allowed the structure to gently evolve, thus gaining a patina of natural rust.

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