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Set Up Table

Rocketfab was given the design for this type of table by master fabricator 

Mark Montanez, an engineer with Phoenix Fire Department. Since our first collaboration with Mark, we have produced a number of set up tables for clients who wish to build products with a high degree of accuracy.

Photo: Patrick McCue                                                                  Set Up Table

Photo: Patrick McCue

Underside view of set-up table shows legs drilled in 1/2" increments to allow table-top height adjustment. Shadow cast by the perforated top reveals the holes for pins.

This type of table allows the user to pin down his or her work to an exact angle. The pins work well with many different materials such as steel, wood and plastics. The user can keep the work held and fixed in place until it is ready to be released. This type of table is especially helpful when welding. It allows the fabricator to pin the work to the table top and weld three sides without distortion or movement. 

The plate steel top of the table can be made of various thicknesses. Most clients opt for a 1/2-inch thick plate as their choice for the top work surface.  Length and width can be made to the client's specifications. The tables are generally drilled in a grid pattern between 4 to 6 inches on center.  All holes in the top of the plate are 1/2-inch in diameter. 

The pins are made from 7/16-inch cold rolled steel, and are bent to an acute angle. As the pin is tapped downward into the 1/2-inch hole, it will exert side pressure, forcing it to bind and lock down in place any object underneath the pin. All that is required to release the pin is a tap from the underside of the table with a hammer. The pin may also be released by hitting it sideways off of the object it is holding.

Photos: Patrick McCue                                     Fabrication in progress: Items held in place on the set up table with pins


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