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The House of Earth and Light

photo: Doug Hoeschler                                                                                               Exterior view with roof under construction

The House of Earth and Light is a private home built above a desert wash in central Phoenix, Arizona. The plannng and building took place between 1998 and 2003. Noteably, the home was built using primarily salvage materials and on a budget.

Photo: Doug Hoeschler                                     Nighttime view of the House of Earth and Light under construction


Workshop Studio

of the

House of Earth and Light

Photo: Bill Timmerman   Exterior of the Workshop Studio of The House of Earth and LIght

The workshop studio of the House of Earth and Light is a large, freestanding steel structure made completely of  salvaged materials. It is situated on the site in juxtaposition to the main home, where its industrial steel appearance lends an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the poured earth walls of the house.


Rezzonico Residence

Photo: Patrick McCue

The Rezzonico residence in Phoenix, Arizona is a unique structure made of a cinder ash product called scoria, glass and steel. Included among its clean, modern features are flooring cantilevered over a natural wash, and inverted roof trusses that support a  butterfly roof.


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