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The work of Rocket FAB has been recognized 

by the following publications and institutions:


The House of Earth and Light

The Arizona Republic. Saturday, August 7, 1999.
"Stretching the Limit" pages AH1, AH8-9.  
Story: Bob Golfen, Photos: Suzanne Starr, Computer renderings: Nathan Koren.

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
National Design Triennial: Design Culture Now
 exhibit.  March 7 through August 6, 2000.
Computer renderings by Nathan Koren of the House of Earth and Light were exhibited, as well as a scale model of the home, which was still under construction at the time.  In addition to being part of the exhibit, a rendering of this home was the image selected to be displayed on a 5th Avenue billboard announcing the show.

The New York Times. Thursday, July 27, 2000.
"DESIGN NOTEBOOK; The Radical Ranch Pitches Its Tent" pages B1, B10.
Story: Julie V. Iovine, Photos: Bill Timmerman, Computer renderings: Nathan Koren.

The Arizona Republic. Saturday, August 12, 2000.
"Magazine Bets on Joy of Less" pages AH12-13.
Story: Linda Hales, Washington Post

Dwell. October 2000 Premiere issue.                                         
"Labor of Love" pages 60-67.  Story:  Karrie Jacobs, Photos: Doug Hoeschler.

Architectural Record. March 2001.
"Architects discover the flexibility of lightweight and durable fabrics: Advances in films and coatings make fabric an excellent alternative to glass" page 47.  Story: Todd Wilmert, Photos: Bill Timmerman

Desert Living City AZ. March/April 2002.
"Top 10 of the Last 20 Years" pages 65-75. Story: Dawson Fearnow
Noteworthy: the House of Earth and Light is number 6 of the top 10.

Metro. June/July 2003.
"Hot Houses" pages 43-51.  Story: David Proffitt, Photos: Camera Werks.

Dwell. June 2005.                                                                    
"Love's Labors Found" pages 122-129.  Story: David Proffitt, Photos: Daniel Hennessy.

Dream Builders.
Episode 608.

See The House of Earth and Light here

Kotoske Residence, A Blaine Drake Home

Remodeled by Steve Martino, landscape architect
Awning and fencing fabrication: P. McCue, D. Bartolomeo

Phoenix Home and Garden.  October 2002.
"Inside Out Outside In" pages 86-93.  Story: Teresa O'Neil.

House Beautiful. September 2003.
"Art Imitating Nature" pages 104-111. Story Elizabeth H. Hunter, Photos: Richard Felber.

See Blaine Drake House, Kotoske Residence here

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Rezzonico Residence

Phoenix Home and GardenMay 2005.
"A Woman's Touch" pages 136-143.  Story:  Teresa Esquivel, Photos:  Michael Woodall.

See the Rezzonico Residence here

Other Credentials

Patrick McCue has obtained three patents for his designs of firefighting training and safety apparatus.

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