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Products: Signs & Display

Rocket FAB 
can restore vintage signs
create new signs with a retro-style

This A-1 logo is located on the site of the original A-1 Brewery. It was saved by the current property owners and placed as part of the entrance to the new Phoenix Fire Department Administration building.

Photos: Patrick McCue
Restoration of a vintage beer advertising sign in progress

These photos show part of the steps involved in bringing this old advertising sign back to its former glory. Using existing parts as patterns, an entirely new can was fabricated.

Using the rusty outlines of the old sign, fabricator Patrick McCue re-created the body of the sign. The original data tag and City of Phoenix sign permit were retained, and added to the new can to maintain authenticity.

The new can was painted and distressed to match the condition of the original data tag and other components.

The eagle's wings featured on this A-1 sign indicate that it was made before 1958. The owners of The Garage restaurant in Phoenix have had this sign for more than thirty years, and are pleased to share this neat piece of Arizona history with their patrons. 


Photo: Patrick McCue  A restored DC-3 style aircraft propeller is a focal point at The Garage

Salvage materials builder Patrick McCue procured and restored this DC-3 style vintage aircraft propeller. It was located at Davis Salvage in Phoenix, Arizona, and is now a central feature as part of the mid-century memorabilia on display in The Garage restaurant.


Photo: Patrick McCue          New sign done in the classic style of a roadside Motor Lodge Inn 

This sign by Joe Clark and Patrick McCue is brand new. It was designed to evoke the style of a classic 1920's era Motor Lodge Inn roadside sign.

Photo: Patrick McCue                                       

The side panels are cut from steel

Here you can see the flat sheets of 18 gauge cold-rolled steel cut to form the shape of a pointing arrow.

Photos: Patrick McCue                                           

The hollow body of this 3-D pointing arrow sign is built

Photo: Patrick McCue                                                                                    Putting it all together

At this stage of construction, the sign is being assembled. You may notice that the paint looks new at this point. The paint color choices are correct for what you might have seen on a sign made in the 1920's.

Photos: Patrick McCue

A patina has been added to give the sign an aged appearance

This finished sign now hangs from the ceiling in The Garage restaurant in central Phoenix, Arizona.


Photo: Paula Ellis

Rivets add a great touch to this large interior restaurant sign

Mounting this sign on a truss, and adding aircraft style rivets as design elements are choices that give a mechanical look of an era gone by. The clean lines and craftsmanship are the work of Joe Clark.


Rocket FAB made this creative and fun sign for the outdoor smoking patio at The Garage restaurant in central Phoenix, Arizona.

Photo: Paula Ellis

Sign by Joe Clark, Patrick McCue and Paula Ellis

 Powdercoated paint in bright blue, rivet details, cut out ashes and a personalized etched copper cigar band make the sign have a classic, vintage look.

Photo: Paula Ellis

Detail view of the copper cigar band

Etched detail on the copper cigar band make this a one-of-a-kind display.


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